Tetra Whisper Easy to Use Air Pump for Aquariums (Non-UL), best price $7.39, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Tetra Whisper Easy to Use Air Pump for Aquariums (Non-UL), best price $7.39 new 2018

Tetra Whisper Easy to Use Air Pump for Aquariums (Non-UL) Photo, best price $7.39 new 2018

Tetra Whisper Easy to Use Air Pump for Aquariums (Non-UL) Photo

$7.39 buy now!

Tetra Whisper Easy to Use Air Pump for Aquariums (Non-UL) :

For 50 years, fishkeeping enthusiasts have looked to the Tetra name for products and solutions that add ease and beauty to their home. Whether you're an experienced hobbyist or just starting out, Tetra has everything you need–-from a large variety of quality fish food and innovative equipment to test kits and decor. The Tetra Whisper Air Pump provides powerful, dependable air flow. This air pump is for up to 10 gallon aquariums. The Whisper Air Pump provides a reliable service at an economical cost. Efficient and easy to use, the Whisper Air Pump can handle the aeration needs of aquariums. Properly pumping your aquarium water keeps your tank functioning and creates a beautiful environment for your fish. Create a clean and clear environment that can be the focal point of any room. Be sure to get the proper size so it is not restricted and does not get too noisy.
  • For use in 10-Gallon aquariums
  • Whisper air pumps provide reliable servie at an economical cost
  • Efficient and easy to use

Tetra Whisper Easy to Use Air Pump for Aquariums (Non-UL) best price $7.39 new 2018

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