Penn Plax 610 Cascade Corner Filter, best price $19.99, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Penn Plax 610 Cascade Corner Filter, best price $19.99 new 2018

Penn Plax 610 Cascade Corner Filter Photo, best price $19.99 new 2018

Penn Plax 610 Cascade Corner Filter Photo

$19.99 buy now!

Penn Plax 610 Cascade Corner Filter :

Space saving corner design cascade internal filters are designed to provide better filtration and aeration above and below the surface. Fully submersible, these versatile filters provide physical, chemical and biological filtration. Each filter has an adjustable & directional water flow output and a spray bar option that will distribute water evenly to aid aeration. The round directional flow spout has a connector where you can connect to your flexible tubing to drive water fountains or other accessories. Mounts quicky using the included suction cups and can be placed horizontally making it easy to place and hide in your tank. Great for aquariums and terrariums, these filters give you crystal clear water in your fresh or salt water environments. One bio-sponge and one activated carbon cartridge included. Unit runs on 110v and is UL approved.
  • Space saving corner design
  • Fully submersible filter quietly delivers 160 gallons per hour of crystal clear water for your fresh or marine aquarium up to 50 gallons in size
  • Spray bar option allows you to distribute water evenly helping aerate your tank
  • Can be placed horizontally and is easily hidden

Penn Plax 610 Cascade Corner Filter best price $19.99 new 2018

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