BeamsWork EA 120 Timer 0.50W 48" LED Aquarium Light White Blue, best price $39.95 new 2019

BeamsWork EA 120 Timer 0.50W 48

BeamsWork EA 120 Timer 0.50W 48" LED Aquarium Light White Blue Photo

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BeamsWork EA 120 Timer 0.50W 48" LED Aquarium Light White Blue :

This LED fixture provides a high quality, energy efficient light fixture that replaces the typical fluorescent light. Fixture is installed with 0.50W LEDs that will provide sufficient lighting through your aquarium. Extendable brackets can easily adjusts to your aquarium. Long lasting LEDs with no bulb replacement required. Fixture is timer ready and is compatible with the Beamswork Timer Module (sold separately).
  • LEDs: 54x 0.50W (2500 lumen)
  • Config: 45x 10000K, 9x Actinic 460nm
  • Timer Ready, 2 Mode Day / Night
  • Suitable for freshwater, plants, cichlid
  • 90 Day Warranty

BeamsWork EA 120 Timer 0.50W 48" LED Aquarium Light White Blue best price $39.95 new 2019

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