Marina Aquascaper Variety Pack Aquarium Plant, best price $19.44, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Marina Aquascaper Variety Pack Aquarium Plant, best price $19.44 new 2018

Marina Aquascaper Variety Pack Aquarium Plant Photo, best price $19.44 new 2018

Marina Aquascaper Variety Pack Aquarium Plant Photo

$19.44 buy now!

Marina Aquascaper Variety Pack Aquarium Plant :

The marina aqua caper variety pack allows you to add an array of plants to your aquarium. The marina plants add some lush, colorful landscape to your aquarium. Design your very own aquatic paradise with authentic, realistic-looking plants, all molded after the real thing. Value Pack Includes 13 plants, Water Sprite, Amazon Sword Plant, Corkscrew Vallisneria Hornwort, Dwarf Lily, Banana Plant, Hair grass, Card amine, Pigmy chain in a variety of heights from 3-inches to 15-inches. Ideal to landscape aquariums from 20 gallons to 75 gallons.
  • Value Pack includes 13 plants from 3-inches tall to 15-inches tall
  • Natural-looking translucent color that will not fade
  • Easy and secure placement
  • Ideal for aquariums 20 -75 gallons
  • Plants will undulate with aquarium currents

Marina Aquascaper Variety Pack Aquarium Plant best price $19.44 new 2018

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