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Cambarellus Chapalanus

Cambarellus Ninae

Cambarellus Schmitti

Cambarellus Texanus

Blue Crayfish

Red Swamp Crayfish

Procambarus Cubensis

Black Mottled Crayfish

Marble Crayfish

Procambarus Spiculifer

Procambarus Vasquezae

Procambarus Toltecae

Sly Crayfish

Blue Moon Cray

Zebra Cray

Red Claw Cray (Blue Lobster)

Cyan Yabby

Cherax Lorentzi

Cherax Holthuisi

Black Lobster

Cherax Hoa Creek

Cherax Sp. Blue Moon

Red Mangrove Crab

Fiddler Crab
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