Photo Waving-Hand Coral (Anthelia), clavularia, Sea Corals

Waving-Hand Coral (Anthelia), clavularia

Photo Waving-Hand Coral (Anthelia), click for zoom.

Photo Waving-Hand Coral, pink clavularia
Photo Waving-Hand Coral, brown clavularia
Photo Waving-Hand Coral, white clavularia

Anthelia, Waving-Hand Coral Description and care.

type of aquariumclosed
temperature of waternear 25°c
compatibility with marine invertscompatible
compatibility with plantscompatible
minimum aquarium sizenot less than 50 liters
color of sea coralpink, white, brown
care levelmoderate
compatibility with fishescompatible
maximum height5-10 cm
Latin nameAnthelia

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catalog: Sea Corals

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