Tetra Whisper Air Pump, For aquariums, Quiet, Powerful Airflow, best price $9.59 new 2023

Tetra Whisper Air Pump, For aquariums, Quiet, Powerful Airflow Photo, best price $9.59 new 2023

Tetra Whisper Air Pump, For aquariums, Quiet, Powerful Airflow Photo

$9.59 You can buy now!

Tetra Whisper Air Pump, For aquariums, Quiet, Powerful Airflow :

  • POWERFUL: Tetra Whisper Air Pump provides dependable airflow to your aquarium.
  • QUIET: Patented dome shape, suspended motor and sound-dampening chambers for quiet operation.
  • PROVIDES OXYGEN AND WATER MOVEMENT: Keeps underwater pets happy.
  • ELIMINATES VIBRATION: Designed with a wide footprint and rubber feet.
  • AVAILABLE SIZES: Select the proper size for your tank – 10, 20 and 40 gallon pumps have single air outlets, 60 and 100 gallon pumps feature dual outlets.

Tetra Whisper Air Pump, For aquariums, Quiet, Powerful Airflow best price $9.59 new 2023

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