INTBUYING Industrial Aquaculture Pond Fish Tank Vortex Air Blower Pump, best price $279.99 new 2023

INTBUYING Industrial Aquaculture Pond Fish Tank Vortex Air Blower Pump Photo, best price $279.99 new 2023

INTBUYING Industrial Aquaculture Pond Fish Tank Vortex Air Blower Pump Photo

$279.99 You can buy now!

INTBUYING Industrial Aquaculture Pond Fish Tank Vortex Air Blower Pump :

  • Suitable for: aquaculture, fresh stalls, hotels and restaurants, flower and bird market, fish pond yard.
  • Shell plate structure, better heat dissipation effect, ensure the aerator in room temperature dry environment 24h use
  • The shell is made of high quality aluminum alloy, better heat dissipation effect, surface phosphating treatment, electrostatic spraying, uniform color
  • Expensive copper wire is used in the line drawing to ensure efficient, stable and safe operation of the motor
  • High-quality bearing, all sealed steel, high temperature resistance, dustproof and low noise, long service life

INTBUYING Industrial Aquaculture Pond Fish Tank Vortex Air Blower Pump best price $279.99 new 2023

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