API ALGAE SCRAPER For Glass Aquariums 1-Count Container, best price $7.99 new 2023

API ALGAE SCRAPER For Glass Aquariums 1-Count Container Photo, best price $7.99 new 2023

API ALGAE SCRAPER For Glass Aquariums 1-Count Container Photo

$7.99 You can buy now!

API ALGAE SCRAPER For Glass Aquariums 1-Count Container :

  • Contains one (1) API ALGAE SCRAPER For Glass Aquariums 1-Count Container
  • Extra long and extra strong scraper for glass aquariums.
  • Quickly removed unsightly algae.
  • Extra-long handle keeps your hand from getting wet and supports durable scrubbing pad.
  • For use in glass aquariums only. Not for use on acrylic, plexiglass, or any surface other than glass. Do not use on dry surfaces. Rinse pad with tap water before and after each use.

API ALGAE SCRAPER For Glass Aquariums 1-Count Container best price $7.99 new 2023

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