API ALGAE SCRAPER For Acrylic Aquariums 1-Count Container, best price $8.27 new 2024

API ALGAE SCRAPER For Acrylic Aquariums 1-Count Container Photo, best price $8.27 new 2024

API ALGAE SCRAPER For Acrylic Aquariums 1-Count Container Photo

$8.27 You can buy now!

API ALGAE SCRAPER For Acrylic Aquariums 1-Count Container :

  • Quickly removes off anything unsightly from acrylic aquariums
  • The extra-long handle (18 inches) keeps the hand from getting wet
  • Extra-strong handle construction and durable scrubbing pad
  • For use on acrylic aquariums only.
  • Includes: API Scraper for Acrylic Aquarium, 1 Count

API ALGAE SCRAPER For Acrylic Aquariums 1-Count Container best price $8.27 new 2024

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