Kessil AP9X LED Aquarium Light, best price $869.00 new 2024

Kessil AP9X LED Aquarium Light Photo, best price $869.00 new 2024

Kessil AP9X LED Aquarium Light Photo

$869.00 You can buy now!

Kessil AP9X LED Aquarium Light :

  • The Kessil AP9X LED Aquarium Light is the successor to Kessil's powerful AP700 LED Aquarium Light. Like the AP700, the AP9X is 180 watts and covers a 4 foot by 2 foot mixed reef or a 3 foot X 2 foot SPS reef. All other aspects of the light have been improved on.
  • The new Kessil AP9X Mounting Arm is NOT included (separate purchase). The light weight design of the AP9X allows the use of a new single lower profile mounting arm for each light. The new mounting arms have the ability to swivel if you want to angle the light and reduce shadows and light bleed.
  • Lighter weight, lower profile design. The AP9X is smaller and lighter than the AP 700. It's a more attractive light that is easier to mount. New LED colors. The LED clusters have a new Violet Channel (similar to a 20K radium halide) that helps coral color pop and growth.
  • New built-in WiFi. The app interface has been completely redesigned to use the same software as the Kessil WiFi Dongle for increased reliability and more detailed control.
  • New Kessil light compatibility. The AP9X includes K-link and 0-10v ports for controlling all current Kessil light models. Use the AP9X as the hub to add A80s, A160s, A360s, A360Xs or the H series refugium lights and control them all from the same app.For the X-Series connect with the Kessil X-Series LED Light 90 Degree K-Link Cable and with the A80s, A160s, A360s and H series connect with the Kessil X-Series LED Light 90 Degree K-Link Cable.

Kessil AP9X LED Aquarium Light best price $869.00 new 2024

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