Photo Alternanthera-ocipus (Alternanthera ocipus), Green, Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants Alternanthera-ocipus (Alternanthera ocipus), Green

Photo Alternanthera-ocipus (Alternanthera ocipus), click for zoom.

Photo Alternanthera-ocipus, Green

Aquatic Plants Alternanthera ocipus, Alternanthera-ocipus Description and care.

form of plantErect
height of plant10-30 Cm
soil fertilityMedium
leaf sizeMedium
placement in the aquariumMid-Ground
habitatFreshwater Plants
light needsBright
temperature of waterNear 20°C
kind of plantPlants
minimum aquarium sizeNot Less Than 50 Liters
leaf formOval
type of plantRooting In The Ground
leaf colorGreen
care levelModerate
Latin nameAlternanthera ocipus

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